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GOSWIM A fun, new way to learn how to swim and be safe.

Swim School Program- GOSWIM

Swim School Program- GOSWIM Features

Swim School Program- GOSWIM

A fun, new way to learn how to swim and be safe.
We have partnered with Swimming Australia to deliver students a new and effective swimming and
water safety program focusing on contemporary experiential and activity-based learning,
encouraging and supporting students to explore pathways into competitive and recreational lap
Implementation of this high-quality, activity-based educational program is designed to better
integrate student learning outcomes into real-world settings, offering students opportunity to:
? Gain maximum participation and practice time in activities that encourage, mentor and support
the learning process where they are active for most of the lesson
? Be empowered to think, discuss and decide through experiential based learning where
mentoring, guidance and challenge encourages them to use and enhance their knowledge, skill
and understanding
? Learn and understand essential components of personal survival and water safety elements while
concurrently in addition to development of establishing strong and effective swimming technique
? Be supported by professional, qualified teachers as they progress the curriculum toward theOptus Junior Dolphins Program.


Aquatic Pathways from Infants through to Optus Junior Dolphins
Optus Junior Dolphins is designed to encourage continued participation in aquatic activity through
competitive and recreational/lap swimming. The curriculum for the program builds on the core and
foundation elements in the GOSWIM program, as each skill is broken down into segmented and
achievable components that streamline and refine technique and enhance the development of
efficiency and endurance.


Optus Splash app
The program is fully integrated into Swimming Australia’s Optus Splash app to enhance parent
communication. You can download the Optus Splash app for android mobiles at Google Play store
and for iPhone in the apple store.
Features of the app include:
• Parents identifying and tracking students' progress through our clearly defined pathway
• Availability of digital encouragement awards as students' progress through each stage and
element of the program
• Parents access online information enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the
curriculum, learning activities, learning outcomes and competency assessment criteria in student
application of knowledge, skill and understanding.


GOSWIM Membership Benefits

$12/$14/16 per Week Swim Program Membership*

*depending on number of children enrolled per family

The COOL stuff:
• Weekly lessons - Enjoy weekly swimming lessons throughout the year for 48 weeks
• Easy and affordable - With weekly payment, swimming lessons are more affordable and can be
easily managed with our direct debit system
• Ongoing enrolment - Preventing the need to re-enrol each term and offering your preferred
lesson time
• Optus Splash App - Communicate and stay in touch with your child’s progression, learning
activities and outcomes
PLUS, our Swim school members have FREE access to holiday Swim and Play sessions.

Our Learn to swim program seeks to build swimming skills, but most importantly it ensures that the essential components of personal survival and water safety are provided, in addition to a process of developing strong and effective swimming, leading to a lifetime of fun and safety in the water.

Our swim lessons run for 48 weeks a year to ensure quick progression for your child.